It means following through on our promise to do good. It’s giving our graduates the tech and platform to make that happen. Because moving forward doesn’t just happen after one big statement.

Last year was a reminder for why we do what we do, and a turning point.
Let’s keep it up – apply for our Graduate Scheme today.


We’re global tech leaders, and we’re changing the way the world lives and works for good. We connect millions and turn tech into impact. From tackling the digital divide, to enabling thousands of people to help speed up vital cancer research while they sleep – we’ve never stopped looking for new ways forward. We’ll empower you to do the same.

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Our B2B teams help our clients move the world, whatever field they’re in. From small challengers to global leaders we push boundaries, and so will you. You’ll shape our total communication solutions, connecting these businesses to their people, places and things, making them more flexible, mobile and collaborative to act up and make change.

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All meaningful change starts with analysing and exploring the numbers, so we’re looking for innovative and problem-solving graduates who can design and build analytics and automation solutions. As Europe’s leading tech communications company, we’ll give you the platform to help us shape the way we work, the way our world moves forward, and how people use tech for the greater good.

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What’s the real power of Finance? It’s not just about making sure the numbers add up. It’s about asking what they could lead to. Join our Finance stream and you’ll have a voice in commercial decision-making throughout our business. You’ll help us shape the way we work, the way our world moves forward, and how people use tech for the greater good.

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Building a better future starts with our consumers – creating new products and solutions that empower millions of people directly. Join this stream and your curiosity and creativity will see real outcomes as you work on projects in Marketing to Retail Operations to the Internet of Things. Move the world and your career.

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What makes a great customer experience? It starts with an inquisitive mind. Explore the latest products, tools and technologies and the opportunities they bring. Then turn those possibilities into action by using the most effective methods. And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing on our Customer Operations stream.

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Turning technology into impact starts with our customers. Our B2B sales teams help our customers embrace connectivity to create a better future. You’ll be at the forefront of empowering businesses across the UK to better connect their people, places and things. Own your ambition and ACT UP on our Business Sales programme.

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We don’t just innovate, we inspire amazing people to do amazing things. As we keep growing our reputation as a forward-thinking tech company, HR plays a key part in ensuring we support our people in being their best. Make your impact at the heart of our business. You’ll put your spirit into practice with teams around the world to help create the very best employee experience.

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We shape businesses, and here you can shape your career. Our External Affairs teams are as diverse as they are dynamic. Spend two years with them and you could make your impact in everything from Policy Development to Corporate Security, External Communications to Government & Policy Engagement, and Foundation & Sustainability. Turn your passion into real change.

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It’s never too early to take action and move the world. With an Industrial Placement (12 months), you won’t have to wait for change, because with us, you can start now. With opportunities in Tech, Business, Commercial and HR, you’ll be immersed in experiences, responsibilities and opportunities that will help you fully explore your own potential.

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Our application process will give you the opportunity to show us what you’re all about and learn more about Vodafone along the way. Whether you’re applying for a placement or graduate programme, you’ll go through the same process to show us your skills and potential in various ways.
If you’d like to chat with some of our current graduates, apprentices or interns before you apply, check out our brilliant new platform, Connectr. With modules, resources and mentors, it’s the perfect way to get to know Vodafone.

We want to make sure everyone can perform at their best. If you require any support or reasonable adjustments at any stage, please let us know by emailing us.


Here, we’ll ask you to fill in a quick form that tells us your basic details. We’ll use these details to make sure you’re eligible for the programme you’re applying for. If you are, you’re straight through to the second stage.


This is your opportunity to show us what you’ve got. First up, is a video interview where you’ll be asked 5 questions, and you’ll record your answers. If you’re applying for a grad role, you’ll then finish the assessment with two short games using shapes and numbers. The whole experience will take around 30 minutes. 

If you’ve got the right spirit and drive, then you’ll be invited to our final stage assessment centre. So take your time, read the questions and instructions carefully, and be yourself.


You’ll be immersed in a fully virtual assessment centre where you’ll take part in exercises that make you feel like you’re working with us. You’ll meet a number of different assessors and teams, and take part in 3 assessments. These include a one-to-one strengths-based interview; a role-specific exercise that is relevant to what you applied to, and a core exercise that will really get you thinking.

By the end of the day, you’ll have learnt more about Vodafone and shown us your skills. We’ll also give you personalised feedback to support your development.


Within 7 days of the assessment centre you’ll have an outcome. If successful, we’ll ask for a few more details and get your contract out to you as quickly as possible. We’ll then get you connected to all things Vodafone via webinars, quizzes, challenges, Q&As and a lively Facebook page to keep you excited to join us in 2021.


The person who launched the world’s first holographic 5G call, didn’t sit staring at their phone all day.

So what are you waiting for?

Apply for Vodafone Early Careers today.